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The fast food delivery market is booming, and it’s expected to be worth close to £10 billion by 2021. The appeal of takeaway deliveries isn’t new. Hot food delivery has been popular with customers since the 1990s, and we can find evidence of food delivery in history that suggests it goes back centuries. In more recent years, we’ve seen the internet reshape the way that people shop, which has paved the way for a resurgence in the food delivery industry.

Food delivery apps have changed the way we order takeaways. Customers can choose their food and have meals sent to their door with a few taps on an app on their phone, tablet or laptop, or even with a simple voice request using Alexa, Siri or Google. This has allowed the restaurant industry to thrive in a whole new way, opening up job opportunities for drivers and riders in the food delivery sector.


Business car insurance for hot food delivery

You can insure your own vehicle for Deliveroo, Just Eat, Uber Eats and Stuart deliveries, but you’ll need a specialist fast food delivery insurance for whilst you’re working. Standard car insurance policies don’t cover you if you’re delivering food from restaurants or takeaways.

Food delivery insurance is a subset of business car insurance, specifically designed for the food delivery industry. These insurance policies can have different names depending on the insurance company. Look out for any type of hire or reward car insurance policy or courier car insurance policy to cover you when you’re using your car to make a delivery.

Take-away delivery insurance comes in many shapes and sizes, but by adding just a few details, you can search through a range of results with quotes tailored to suit your needs.

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Coverage for take-away driving can come at a high price, but it’s important to ensure you have the right insurance policy in place so that you are fully protected if you are involved in an incident, even if it wasn’t your fault. When you weigh up the cost of the correct policy with the risk of losing your vehicle or job, it is probably an easy decision.

However, that doesn’t mean you can’t secure a deal that provides great value. Compare market leading fast food delivery insurance prices from specialist insurers using Utility Saving Expert. By shopping around, you’ll be able to select from the most competitive prices and choose the insurance policy that’s best for you.

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Why takeaway courier insurance policies may cost more

Getting insured for fast food delivery may cost more than your personal car insurance. From an insurer’s perspective, the conditions of fast food delivery services pose a risk.

Average delivery time is 30 minutes, and late delivery is currently the number one frustration for consumers. This brings an expectation for drivers to deliver food to the customer quickly, before it gets cold, increasing their likelihood of driving fast or under stress.

On top of this pressure, you’ll be spending more time on the road than the average driver. If you operate a motorbike, scooter or bicycle, you face additional risks on the roads. To protect yourself in the unlikely event of an accident, it pays to find the right level of car insurance from a reliable insurer to cover your type of vehicle and nature of work.

Factors that affect your fast food insurance

There are a number of factors at play that raise the cost of insurance, including:


Long periods of driving

Whilst working, it’s likely you’ll be driving your vehicle for a long time. Even if you’re an excellent driver, the more time you spend driving, the more likely you are to be involved in a road accident.


Second job fatigue

The flexible nature of food delivery work means that it is easy to pick up shifts on top of other work in your daily routine, so for some drivers, food delivery is a second job. You may feel tired after finishing work at another job, and tiredness can lead to road accidents.


Time pressure

You might find yourself racing against the clock to ensure you deliver food from restaurant to customer before the meal has gone cold. Deadlines can be tight, and unfortunately, this added time pressure could lead to more accidents.


Working conditions

Driving long hours, covering a lot of miles and often working late at night, in darkness and sometimes in poor weather conditions. These conditions can increase the likelihood of road accidents happening.


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Choosing the right fast food courier insurance policy

There are a lot of options to insure you whilst you work, and it’s useful to consider a few key factors relating to the service you’ll be providing. For example, the amount of goods you’ll be delivering:

  • Transporting small amounts of food across relatively short distances, or
  • Delivering several packages across larger distances

Some insurers are moving towards a pay-as-you-go pricing model, suiting part-time, evening and weekend food delivery drivers looking for a flexible policy that matches their schedule. Other insurers offer 30-day insurance policies, giving you the same level of flexibility that you get with your job.

For food delivery insurance, some providers place a high value on experience and will only insure you if you’re aged 21 and over. Other insurers will offer unlimited mileage, meaning there is no cap or restriction on how many miles you can drive.

You might choose a policy for your delivery work that also covers you whilst you are off duty too, replacing your current car insurance policy. For larger operations involving multiple delivery riders or drivers, some businesses will choose to insure a fleet of vehicles.


Get the right business insurance cover for your delivery vehicle

It’s a legal requirement to have the right insurance. Make sure you select a policy that reflects the correct type of business vehicle insurance, whether that’s for cars, bikes, scooters or vans used for hot food delivery.

If you discover you did not take out the correct cover after you are involved in an accident, you may have invalidated your insurance policy and the insurer could refuse your claim. This would leave you liable for damages and potentially a large sum of money, so it’s important to take extra care.

Whatever your circumstances, there will be an insurer offering the right policy for you. Compare deals online to find the level of insurance cover that you need to set your mind at ease, so you can deliver food knowing that there will be no nasty surprises and that you’ll be fully insured if there is a road accident.


Insurance when delivering by van

If you’ll be using a van to deliver food, you’ll probably need to extend your insurance cover to catering van insurance or courier vehicle insurance. Courier work is usually covered under carriage of goods for hire or reward.


Insurance when delivering by car

If you will be using your own car to deliver meals, this activity will likely be categorised as business use. Specialist car insurance companies might quote you for hire and reward insurance or hot food delivery insurance.


Fast food delivery by motorbike, moped or scooter

If you will be riding your scooter, moped or motorbike to deliver food, you’ll need to choose the right cover for your business use. Quotes will also vary depending on your vehicle and engine size, and usually smaller scooter engines are cheapest.


Fast food delivery by bicycle

For delivery riders traveling by bicycle, you can take out a cycling liability policy to cover accidents causing damage to other vehicles, third party property or even to other people. It is not a legal requirement to take out cover, so it’s completely your choice. You can also take out standard cycle insurance in case your bike gets lost, damaged or stolen.


Switching your takeaway car insurance cover

If you already have fast-food driver cover, use Utility Saving Expert to find a better deal and switch when it’s time to renew your insurance policy.

It’s important that you stay savvy and shop around instead of renewing your existing insurance cover so that you can find a deal offering the best value for money. You might find a better policy with your existing provider, for example, with lower premiums.

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