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Key information

Energy suppliers are the companies that supply the gas and electricity in your home. Most energy companies in the UK do not own any of the networks of cables or pipes that deliver the gas and electricity to your home.

We’ve made it easy to start an energy comparison and switch suppliers using Utility Saving Expert.

In the UK there are around 60 energy suppliers. We check the tariffs of every single energy supplier and show you the best tariffs you can get in your home. If you decide to switch to a cheaper supplier, it’s quick and simple with Utility Saving Expert.

We are paid a fee from the suppliers for every switch completed. The fee is already included within the marketing budgets of the energy suppliers so the prices you see on our site are the same as you’ll see on theirs.

Who are the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers?

You’ve probably heard people talking about the ‘Big 6’ energy suppliers.

When people refer to the ‘Big 6’, they mean the six largest companies supplying gas and electricity to homes and businesses in the UK. Together, the ‘Big 6’ energy companies supply over 90% of the homes in Britain, which means they completely dominate the market.

    The ‘Big 6’ energy companies are:
  • British Gas
  • EDF Energy
  • nPower
  • EON UK
  • Scottish Power
  • SSE

With the gas and electricity in over 90% of Britain’s homes supplied by one of these six companies, it is likely that your energy supplier is one of the ones listed above.

Which energy supplier should I choose?

You can find out more about the UK’s 60+ energy suppliers here. Each of our guides includes:

  • A basic introduction to the energy supplier
  • The history of the energy suppliers
  • The schemes the energy suppliers have in place to help people who are on a low income or in debt
  • The fuel mix used in the energy suppliers electricity generation
  • The current tariffs offered by the energy suppliers

To switch commercial energy please visit our business energy page.


List of UK energy suppliers

Use this section of the website to find out more about the UK’s energy suppliers.

Supplier Logo Energy Supplier Supplier Overview Which? Customer score*
affect-energy-logo Affect Energy Affect Energy is one of the newer energy suppliers in the market Not Yet Rated
Green Energy (UK) Green Energy (UK) Green Energy (UK) supplies all its electricity from renewable sources Not Yet Rated
Avro Energy Avro Energy Avro Energy is a new supplier that entered the market in 2015 64%
Beam Energy Logo Beam Energy Beam Energy is new supplier owned and operated by London Borough of Barking and Dagenham Council. 64%
Green Star Energy Logo Green Star Energy Green Star Energy focuses on offering cost-effective gas and electricity 65%
Better Energy Logo Better Energy Better Energy promises to offer the lowest gas prices available Not Yet Rated
Enstroga Logo Enstroga Energy Enstroga Energy is a new independant gas and electricity supplier Not Yet Rated
Angelic Energy Logo Angelic Energy Angelic Energy is owned and operated by Islington Council Not Yet Rated
ESB Energy Logo ESB Energy ESB Energy offers great valuie gas and electricity tariffs Not Yet Rated
Bristol Energy Logo Bristol Energy Bristol Energy describes itself as an energy supplier with a social conscience 72%
British Gas Logo British Gas British Gas is the biggest of all the energy suppliers in the UK 56%
Bulb Logo Bulb Energy Bulb is a supplier of renewable energy that promises competitive prices 72%
Cardiff Energy Supply Logo Cardiff Energy Supply CESL promises you will always pay one of the lowest tariffs on the market Not Yet Rated
Co-Operative Energy Logo Co-Operative Energy Co-operative Energy is the only energy supplier owned by its customers N/A
Boost Power Logo Boost Power Boost Power is a releatively new pre-payment energy provider N/A
Utility Warehouse Logo Utility Warehouse Utility Warehouse is committed to offering cheaper tariffs than the Big 6 73%
Daligas Logo Daligas Daligas is an energy company promising transparency and simplicity Not Yet Rated
Ebico Logo EBICo EBICo is a not-for-profit renewable energy company offering fair prices 76%
Economy Energy Logo Economy Energy Economy Energy is a gas and electricity company offering low tariffs 53%
Ecotricity Logo Ecotricity Ecotricity is a not-for-profit renewable energy company with ethical pricing N/A
E.On Logo E.On E.ON UK is the fourth biggest energy supplier in the UK 57%
EDF Energy Logo EDF Energy EDF Energy is the second biggest energy supplier in the UK 57%
Fairerpower Logo Fairerpower Fairerpower is a partnership between OVO Energy and Cheshire East Council Not Yet Rated
Shell Energy Logo Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) Shell Energy (formerly First Utility) is one of the UK’s largest independent energy companies Not Yet Rated
Flow Energy Logo Flow Energy Flow Energy is one of the energy market’s newest suppliers 68%
Future Energy Logo Future Energy Future Energy only offers one gas and one electricity tariff Not Yet Rated
GB Energy Logo GB Energy GB Energy is now part of The Co-operative Energy Not Yet Rated
Glide Logo Glide Glide provides bill sharing services and student utility bills Not Yet Rated
Gen4U Logo Gen4U Gen4U is an energy company offering low prices and good service Not Yet Rated
Go Effortless Energy Logo Go Effortless Energy Go Effortless Energy only offers one gas and one electricity tariff Not Yet Rated
Good Energy Logo Good Energy Good Energy supplies all its electricity from renewable sources Not Yet Rated
GnERGY Logo GnERGY GnERGY promises to be an open and honest gas and electricity company Not Yet Rated
White Rose Energy Logo White Rose Energy White Rose Energy is a not-for-profit gas and electricity supplier Not Yet Rated
Utilita Logo Utilita Utilita provides prepayment meters to low income and energy conscious households 71%
Octopus Energy Logo Octopus Energy Octopus Energy is a new energy supplier with straightforward pricing 80%
Iresa Logo Iresa Limited Iresa Limited focuses on delivering straightforward prices, billing and service Not Yet Rated
nPower Logo npower npower is the third biggest gas and electricity supplier in Britain 54%
Peterborough Energy Logo Peterborough Energy Southend Energy is a partnership between OVO Energy and Peterborough City Council Not Yet Rated
Tonik Energy Logo Tonik Energy Tonik Energy wants to halve customers’ energy bills by 2022 Not Yet Rated
Together Energ Logo Together Energy Together Energy wants to be the most trusted energy company 60%
The Energy Deal Logo The Energy Deal The Energy Deal wants to combine fair prices and enjoyable service Not Yet Rated
SO Energy Logo SO Energy SO Energy promises its tariffs will always be among the cheapest 78%
Robin Hood Energy Logo Robin Hood Energy Robin Hood Energy is an independent not-for-profit gas and electricity supplier 78%
Sainsbury Energy Logo Sainsbury’s Energy Sainsbury’s Energy is a partnership between Sainsbury’s and npower 63%
Scottish Power Logo Scottish Power Scottish Power is the fifth biggest energy supplier in the UK 54%
Places for People Energy Logo Places for People Energy Places for People Energy promises great service and great savings Not Yet Rated
iSupply Energy Logo iSupply Energy iSupply Energy promises to offer straightforward low prices, not complicated deals 57%
LoCO2 Energy Logo LoCO2 Energy LoCO2 Energy is an independent company offering renewable energy at competitive prices Not Yet Rated
M&S Energy Logo M&S Energy M&S Energy matches all its electricity with UK-based renewable sources Not Yet Rated
National Gas Logo National Gas National Gas is a very new energy supplier that only supplies gas Not Yet Rated
OVO Energy Logo OVO Energy OVO Energy delivers a high proportion of its energy from renewable sources 74%
Southend Energy Logo Southend Energy Southend Energy is a partnership between OVO Energy and Southend-on-Sea Borough Council Not Yet Rated
Spart Energy Logo Spark Energy Spark Energy is one of the biggest energy companies outside the Big 6 52%
SSE Logo SSE SSE is the sixth biggest gas and electricity supplier in Britain 58%
SSE Airtricity Logo SSE Airtricity SSE Airtricity is a member of the SSE Group 62%
SSE Southern Electric Logo SSE Southern Electric SSE Southern Electric is a member of the SSE Group 62%
SSE SWALEC Logo SSE SWALEC SSE SWALEC is a member of the SSE Group Not Yet Rated

*Which? customer score is a percentage of overall satisfaction with a particular energy supplier. It takes into account the following; 1. Bill accuracy 2. Bill clarity 3. Customer Service (phone) 4. Customer Service (online) 5. Complaints handling 6. Helping customers understand and reduce energy use and 7. overall value for money.

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List of business energy suppliers

Our business supplier comparison engine compares the following providers and many more:

Compare business gas and business electricity tariffs within minutes through Utility Saving Expert.

Supplier Logo Business Energy Supplier Reviews / Ratings*
British Gas Business Logo British Gas Business Read Reviews
EDF Business Energy EDF Energy Not Yet Rated
SSE Business Logo SSE Read Reviews
Corona Energy Logo Corona Energy N/A
Yorkshire Gas and Power Logo (YGP) Yorkshire Gas and Power Not Yet Rated
Opus Energy Logo Opus Energy Not Yet Rated
Bristol Energy Logo Bristol Energy Read Reviews
Engie Logo Engie Not Yet Rated
Octopus Energy Logo Octopus Energy Not Yet Rated
E.On Logo E.ON Read Reviews
Crown Gas and Power Logo Crown Gas & Power Not Yet Rated
Haven Power Logo Haven Power Not Yet Rated
United Gas and Power Logo United Gas & Power Not Yet Rated
Gazprom Logo Gazprom Energy Not Yet Rated
npower logo npower Business Read Reviews
Avanti Gas Logo Avanti Gas Not Yet Rated
ScottishPower Logo Scottish Power Not Yet Rated
Dual Energy Logo Dual Energy Not Yet Rated
Hudson Energy Logo Hudson Energy Not Yet Rated
Contract Natrual Gas Logo Contract Natrual Gas (CNG) Not Yet Rated
Clear Business Energy Logo Clear Business Energy Not Yet Rated
Utilita Logo Utilita Read Reviews
total gas and power logo Total Gas & Power Not Yet Rated
Advanti Gas logo Advanti Gas Not Yet Rated

*Supplier ratings are based on aggregated reviews, over the last 12 months, from Google certified review partners.

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